Good Friday

The Epitaph’s procession starts early in the afternoon. Later in the evening dozens of epitaphs will appear crossing the historical Corfu center, accompanying the philharmonic orchestras, the choirs and hundreds of believers who hold large candles and Banners. According to the custom the Philharmonic Bands plays the Adagio of Albinoni, the Marcia Funebre G. Verdi, and the Elegia Funebre, the Sventura of Mariani and the funeral march of Chopin.

Holy Saturday

At 11.00 people are expecting the ‘’First Resurrection’. After the morning Mass the bells are ringing. From the balconies hundreds of clay pots are dropped on the street. This custom is connected with the Gospels, but is also a Venetian influence. The Corfiots adopted this custom, but changed the date from new years eve to Easter. After the dropping of the clay pots, the Philharmonics are marching on the streets of the historic Corfu center playing allegro marches.

Easter Night – “The Resurrection”

At 11.40 p.m. the Resurrection procession begins from the Church in Porta Remounda, and goes all the way down to the Espianada’s “Palko” where at midnight, after the “Christos Anesti” (Christ has risen) are lit up on the old fortress pinnacle, the spectacle is beyond any expectation. The candles in the hands of everyone and the fireworks turn night into day. The purple cross on the fortress becomes white and the bands begin to play joyful marches. Once the fireworks display is over, the people are on their way out of the centre, as everyone begins to make their way back home, usually to eat traditional cuisine dishes such as ‘’Mayiritsa’’ (a soup) that according to tradition is eaten after midnight.

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